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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NEW MUSIC: Neverest REMIX(es) - Databse + Treasure Fingers

Two new 'Neverest' remixes for you.

NEW MUSIC: Lupe Fiasco 'Go To Sleep'

Here is the complete version of Lu's, 'Go To Sleep'. I you remember a week or so back, Lupe leaked a pretty good chunk of a snippet himself. A real solid piece from Lupe's upcoming album Lasers. Not exactly a game changer, but you could definitely listen to this on repeat for a bit.

Go To Sleep

NEW MUSIC: KanYe West featuring featuring Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz 'Power' REMIX

The not so highly anticipated, at least from my point of view, remix to KanYe's 'Power' is finally here. That being said, it's definitely a couple hundred steps up from the original. After some delay, Swizz delivers a remix that I imagine was more than worthy of Ye's approval, better done right than done quick. According to MTV, the pressure was on for Swizz Beatz. What you hear is the result of a collaborative effort from Ye, Jay-Z, John Legend, Swizz Beatz, input for this track was even gathered from Q-Tip, Mos Def and the Neptunes' Pharrell Williams. Definitely one for the playlist, link below. Enjoy.

'Power' Remix

If you're still not satisfied, The Glitch Mob has also done an astounding job remixing this record. Take a listen below, download link is in the player.
Kanye West vs. The Glitch Mob - Power / Bad Wings (by Frail Limbs Purity) by Jackplug

A hilarious and very good spoof of KanYe's music video to 'Power' after the jump.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

MASHUP: 50 Cent featuring Justin Timberlake vs Mason & Landlord 'AYO' DOSVEC Mashup Remix

Probably going to be released on an upcoming EP, probably No Fillers 3. Download the first and second compilation @DOSVEC.com.

If you can't wait for the release of the next No Fillers, you can download 'AYO' below, in all it's degraded bit-rate glory.


Thursday, August 19, 2010


Ever since I was introduced to Moxie Black through 'So Much Better', I've been anticipating each release from the duo like I would anticipate music from KanYe or CuDi. These two have really come up with a successful formula for something unique. Now they present to us their free EP How Did This Happen, which actually dropped yesterday, regardless, here it is now. Enjoy!

Beats-a-plenty, genre bending, Autotune loving, content compelling, in part inspired by nothing and everything all at the same time. Moxie Black’s debut album, How Did This Happen?, combines the even-tempered Dekk—his meticulously infused indie-pop inspired arrangements, R&B melodies, and electro-pop production—with iLLA’s swagger—his confident bravado, out of the box cadences, and crass attitude.

How Did This Happen

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NSFW: True Blood on the Cover of Rolling Stones

The show has been a great success and Season 3 of True Blood is heating up, hit the jump for the full undisclosed, or should I say unclothed, cover of the Rolling Stones magazine featuring the main cast of True Blood.

PICS: Lil Wayne's Jail Food Bill

Wayne's food/other needs bill from Riker's Island penitentiary. I really couldn't care less, but I just happened to come across it and thought it would be interesting to see what the needs this incarcerated rap star were, anyways, hit the pic for a blow up.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

PICS: KanYe Offers Bieber a Remix Opportunity

Never thought I'd see KanYe reaching out to Bieber for a remix, but it seems the rules don't apply to this kid. Speaking of remixes, that 'Power' remix with Jay-Z was never delivered, was it? If anyone has it, link it up.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

NEW MUSIC: Travis McCoy 'That's Not Cool'

New Travis McCoy 'That's Not Cool', a much deeper record than what we're used to from this guy, and with a title like that, who would've guessed? We've definitely seen lighter hearted material from this carefree living rap artist, this piece almost seems dark. Regardless, it's a real solid piece, which is not a lot of something we see from the more mainstream artist's who shoot out material that's just meant to be heard and not listened to. Which is something that, at least I think, is different.

Who the hell is Travie? I'm pretty sure his name is Travis, but I keep seeing Travie everywhere. Now that's not cool.

That's Not Cool